About TTTreasures

"BEADS as therapy helped me deal with the death of my  beloved father !"

The TTTreasures businesswoman cared for her father when he was dying of cancer and used jewellery making as a way of distracting herself from the ordeal.

“It was therapeutic,when she was creating something, it took her mind away to a different zone.”

Her pop-up stalls are decorated with earthy ,rustic displays made from timber and driftwood and leaves which represent the New Zealand rainforest setting where her father’s ashes were scattered.

Ms Toygan describes her style as “very earthy”,modern and eclectic and is currently working with leather endings to achieve a softer look.

“A lot of people have skin conditions and sensitive skin so I she uses surgical steel and stainless steel componants to suit most skin types.

Her designs evolve as she is making a piece and she combines plenty of colour with semi-precious stones and crystals. She design and creates from the inspiration captured from her travels and by nature,therefore every piece is created with love.” All gemstones and beads are sourced from all around the globe to provide that distinct unique finished look.

Every piece is a timeless treasure that can be worn on any special occasion :)